The importance of having a good costing system

This is a short clip taken from a 45-minute conversation with friend and former colleague Alex Van Ravenswaaij. I caught up with Alex over Zoom while he was on assignment in Europe.

Alex was former director in business advisory at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and now runs his own global consulting firm, Blacklight Consulting. Alex has a wealth of knowledge in business turnaround, operational strategy development, productivity improvement and sustainable cost reduction. Throughout his career, Alex has been exposed to many businesses in a range of industries, which has given him lots of unique insights.

We discussed a range of business topics, including the characteristics of profitable businesses, the importance of culture in business, MVP for start-ups, process change, and cost accounting.

In this post, we chat about the importance of have a good costing system, steps for improving efficiency and productivity, and Activity Based Costing.

Stay tuned for more clips in the coming weeks!

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